Monday, May 19, 2008

East End Boys and West End Girl

I left my boy Chris in the East and went to the West for the past couple of weeks. We celebrated Beckett's birthday with family.

Here he is with Grandpa Drue getting his birthday cupcake.

Evidently he was a little confused about the festivities and why he was holding a candle.

I tried to get Beckett to come out and work with me and my dad in the garden. He did not want to have anything to do with that. He hated the grass and was horrified that I'd actually set him down in it. He has to work up courage to get off the blanket at the park.

I felt bad and decided to rescue him and stick him the wheelbarrow while we work and possibly have an adorable photo shoot. I mean, baby in a wheelbarrow, adorable. Well that was almost as bad as the grass.

It was a time of great theater in Utah. I just missed the play my sister JuLee directed and my nieces Sasha and Gates play. But I managed to catch their brother Robin's play and my niece Maggie's play.

Robin had one of the lead's in West Jordan High School's "The Miser" by Moliere. I love the costuming and art direction of this play. It's a farce so they were really able to make it visually interesting. Robin did a great job and maintained his Italian accent throughout the whole play, no small feat.
Maggie's play was "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". She was March. I couldn't believe how good it was for an elementary school play. The cast was huge, but the kids really maintained a professional air. Maggie was a really graceful dancer and had such delicate hands.

P.S. Those gorgeous red curls are all natural!

Evidently Utah was good for Beckett's brain because he says a ton of new words now. Most of them are just words that he'll repeat after you, but soon he'll get the meanings and say them independently. He now can say, "cracker" (that one he does understand), "cupcake", "thank you", "love you", "ball", "grandpa", "hi" and he will clap when people say "Yay" and "Good job, Beckett."

Beckett also had fun riding on his Daddy's old rocking horse. It was a lot of fun to see family and we enjoyed it immensely, but it was great to get back home to Chris.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hypothesis: Babies do not like BBQ Fritos

Purpose: To determine if our increasingly finicky eater would like BBQ Frito's.

Hypothesis: Do to an increasing hatred of textured food (other than goldfish crackers and graham crackers) Beckett will not want to eat BBQ Frito's. Additionally as his palette craves traditionally bland foods he will eschew the BBQ Frito's on taste as well as texture issues.

1) One one year old baby

2) One bag BBQ Frito's

3) Camera

Procedure: Don't even think about this as a possible experiment until you're at Subway and the baby keeps trying to grab the package of Frito's out of your hand. Wait until you're frustrated trying to fight him off and then say, "Fine! Eat the stupid Frito. See if I care. You better not choke to death or you'll be in so much trouble."


A frustrated Daddy tired of defending his bag of Frito's from continual Beckett onslaughts.

Hmmm, what's in here? I think I'll open it up and have a taste.

Oh these are so good I can hardly stop grabbing them long enough to shove them in my mouth.

Conclusion: My initial hypothesis was incorrect, very incorrect. Beckett loved them. In fact he ended up dumping the package out on the table so he could grab them up easier.

Further Study: Will Beckett like Cheetos? Will Beckett like BBQ potato chips?