Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beckett's Birthday (and 1st Soccer Game)

Although I am not much of a player myself, we are an Angry Birds household.  When it came time for Beckett to choose the theme of his 5th birthday party there was no hesitation.  In fact I was emailing with the mother of one of his classmates, giving her save the date information because there were going out of town for a while, when she told me her daughter couldn't wait to join in the Angry Birds fun.  I never mentioned it was an Angry Birds party.  However, Beckett was clearly talking it up at school.

Here is where Chris takes over the talking.  

Here is one of the centerpieces of our party, the "pigyata."  Get it, it's a pinata that is an Angry Bird Pig.

Dawnell went all out with an Angry Birds Cake that looked like a level of the game.  Everything on the entire cake is edible, including the fondant Angry Birds on the side and the walls made of graham cracker cookies.

For Beckett's birthday party at school a couple days later, Dawnell also went all out, making Angry Birds cupcakes.  Pretty awesome looking.

But anyway, back to Beckett's party. Here's Beckett with the Angry Birds blindfold, getting ready to whack the pigyata.  

 And here he is with his awesome balloons.  You'll notice the Angry Birds shirt as well.

Ciaran was also excited for the party.


Part of the festivities at Beckett's birthday party was actually playing Angry Birds.  No, not on the phone or the iPad, but in the front yard.  We all had lots of fun throwing Beckett's stuffed animal Angry Birds at the pigs that were set up on the numerous cardboard boxes that Dawnell had painted.  

At the end of the day, Beckett was proud that we were able to demolish his pigyata.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch house, Aidric and Lachlan are growing much quicker than this blog can update.  They are almost 11 months old and super cute.  In the pictures below, the one with the most teeth is Lachlan.  Okay, I'm just kidding.  I'm 90% certain that Aidric is on the right.  Which is confusing, because I usually put him on left.

This is also an edible Angry Bird cake.  Remarkably, this was not for Beckett's birthday party.  Rather, it was for a fundraiser that our church held for the young women's camp.  We didn't get to eat this one, but I'm sure that the auction winner who got this one had a delicious treat.

The day of Beckett's birthday was also his first soccer game ever!!!  Here he is with the guy who was running the show.  Beckett was the star of the week because it was his birthday.  Everyone sang happy birthday to him.

 Here's Beckett with a whole bunch of kids.

Here's Beckett running after the ball and getting pushed.  Most of the game is him running and getting pushed.  The first week they played 8 on 8 with two balls on the field at all times.  I was against this because it seemed a bit silly, but then they played 8 v. 8 with one ball this past week, and it's tough to maneuver the ball in a pack of 10 kids.  So, yea, I guess I'd rather see one ball, but maybe only 5 kids.  Also, they should explain that if you are wearing the same color then you are on the same team.  Beckett had a couple of goals the first week, and would have had about fifty more if one particular kid on his team hadn't kept playing defense on him. 

Here it may look like Beckett's wandering away, but this was actually when they were doing two vs. two practices and he ended up scoring the goal.  The other kids are still over there, but Beckett is celebrating.  Yea Beckett!

His league is preK and Kindergarten all together, so most of the kids are bigger than he is, but he's one of the only kids in the league who understands that passing might be fun, so he's well on his way to becoming the next Leo Messi.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh ya

This is why I thought it would be a good idea to have kids close together.