Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are you 6? Stop!

Six years ago today. Wow. Time flies.  Beckett had a great birthday.  He's super excited for his lego party scheduled for this Saturday.  Pictures to come of that fiesta later.

New Soccer Season

Saturday was a beautiful day. Time for the first game of the soccer season. Beckett was excited to see how good he could play now that he was one of the kids from the older grade in his age group.

Here's Beckett doing a good job of listening to the coaches.

Ciaran was there to cheer on our hero.

Here he is saying, yay Beckett! Good little brother.

Beckett wasn't really in the middle of any of the action shots I took, but here he is ready to pounce.

I got a new phone and put a cool camera app on it, so I played around with making pics fancy. Here is Beckett with Borders.

Here's Beckett in half sepia tone.

And here he is all rosy cheeked after the game. Not that it matters, since the kids are only 4-5 years old, but Beckett's team won 5-1. And my dude scored all five goals. Go Beckett!

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