Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's the end of the world as we know it...

Pandora-like I could not stop my curiosity. I had to put Beckett in both a hat and sunglasses. Thankfully Chris was wrong and the universe was able to withstand it...but it was close.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cuter Than Baby Hats

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! Beckett and his parents went on an excursion to one of their favorite places in the New York Metro Area:


Daddy and Becks dressed up to go have fun on Memorial Day. Daddy has not suddenly become a Blue Devils fan. If you think back you'll remember that a certain power forward wore #4 on Duke from 2000-2002. Let's go Jazz!

Beckett is wearing his Utah Jazz bib today. This is planned.

After a quick jaunt to Target (made all the more enjoyable because of the 8 and 11 dolllar coupoons for formula), mommy and daddy took Beckett out to eat at Houlihan's.

Dawnell and Beckett can drink out of bottles at the same time!

Turns out my post from yesterday was incorrect. There are things cuter than babies in hats. Like, for example, babies in sunglasses.

The cuteness factor if Becks were to wear sunglasses and a hat is such that the world would collapse upon itself. We'll try not to cause such widespread destruction.

Daddy and Beckett, sunglass buddies!

Mommy and Beckett, sunglass buddies too!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cute Not Sports Outfits

It has come to our attention that most of our posts make it look as though we only dress Beckett in athletic jerseys of Utah teams. While I'd be ecstatic if that was the case, I thought I should throw some more adorable pics up to refute the evidence.

Here is Beckett after taking a bath. He's not really wearing any clothes, but we liked this picture because he looks sort of drunk.

Here's Beckett strapped in for the ride to church in his Techno XT. You'll notice this outfit has a nautical theme, as it has a sailboat and says "little captain" on it. Not visible are the soles of the socks (part of the set that came with the onesie) that for some reason says "vitamin."

We can only assume a good sailor would make sure to take his vitamin C so he didn't get scurvy.

If there is something cuter than a baby wearing a hat then I've yet to see it. Here he is in his favorite chair (his boppy).

Close up with the hat a little slanted. That's because he's a cool dude.

Beckett went out strolling yesterday with mommy and daddy. He fell asleep. Lucky for us he woke up right when we were in the middle of a store. It's okay though, nobody can get mad at the cutie.

I think this is my favorite picture. Pretty amazing he's already one month old.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Boppy Baby

Nothing much to say, just that Beckett likes to sleep in his boppy and looks cute doing it.

Look at his mitten hands. We kept threatening him with mittens if he didn't stop scratching his face and pinching our necks. He did not listen. In the name of parental consistency we had to mitten him. This is kinder than tying his hands together.

P.S. He does have clothers other than sports outfits. We promise.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Big Cute Beckett

Beckett had his one month appointment on Tuesday. Technically he was only 3 weeks old, but it was close enough so they let it slide. In just these few short weeks he's already gotten so much bigger. His weight is up from his birth of 7 pounds 4 ounces to a whopping 9 pounds 3 ounces. He also got taller and is now 22 inches long intead of 20.5 inches. His head circumfrance started at 13.5 and he's now got a 15 inch head. He seems mostly the same to me but his belly does look a lot rounder. His little legs are still kind of skinny though.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Populer... lar!

Bonus points to anyone who gets the wonderful reference above. One thing that Dawnell and I wanted when choosing a name for Beckett was to make sure that it wasn't too popular. No Michael or Christopher for our child (or Brayden, Jayden, Kayden, Slayden, Rayden, or Nayden) (no offense to all of you with names that end in Ayden, like, say, Aiden).

However, it's a little tougher to choose an interesting boys name. Lots of boys names look really weird once you get out of the top 1000 or so.

Well, we're very pleased with the name we chose, and hopefully the following news won't get Dawnell too disappointed. The Social Security Site just updated the baby name popularity list with their 2006 rankings, and it looks as though our little Beckett might be at the front of a popularity firestorm. His name, unranked in 2005, has shot up the rankings all the way to #758. Amusingly, he's surrounded by alternate spellings of Jadyn and Aedan. So there are already 273 baby boys in the United States who beat Beckett out of the womb by a year. No telling how many more there will be this year! I'm actually pleased with this development, because I want a son with an interesting manly name, not a weird name. Top 1000 is fine, it's the top 50 that is unacceptable.

You can check out your own favorite names to see if they are as popular as my names. Actually, that would be almost impossible, since the year I was born my first name was #1 and my middle name was #3. So, unless you are Michael Jason or Jennifer Melissa you can be popular, just not quite as popular as me.....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

So yesterday was my first official Mother's Day. Even though Chris always used to give me some little present in honor of my mother potential, this year he had to really deliver the goods. He finally decided that little sparkly things were a good idea. So I got a combined "Hey you pushed out a baby" and "Mother's Day" present in the form of a beautiful necklace. I'd take a picture of me wearing it but the lactation consultants keep telling me to hang out at home topless to aid in healing and we're not that kind of a blog. I promise I'll get one up in a day or two.

Beckett also got in on the action and gave me a nice card and candy and flowers. He's already showering his mother with gifts. Here he is arrayed with all his gifts to surprise me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pulling a Reverse Jeffersons

Dawnell and I will be moving (somewhere) by the end of the month. Our lease expires at the start of June, and our apartment building is increasing our rent by 15%. For those of you in Utah I'll not list the dollar amount that we're paying now, but even percentage-wise that's a pretty ridiculous rent increase. It's even more ridiculous given that our apartment building is converting to condominiums within a year or so and any new lease that we would sign would give them the right to terminate the lease with 30 days notice.

Dawnell is not returning to work , so we've gone from a "double income no kids" to a "single income with a kid". We'll be fine with that arrangement, but it probably means we're going to pull a reverse Jeffersons and go from a "deluxe apartment in the sky" (ha, right) to something cheaper with more space. Presumably this would take us outside of Manhattan, unless we moved to Harlem. It's all the rage lately, in case you haven't heard. Our friends over at the Matt and Addy Blog (link over there on the right) bought a condo in Jersey City. I told them to buy two and be our slum lords, but no such luck.

So this is our plea for help in finding a new apartment to our friends in the Tri-State area. If you hear of any sweet rental deals, let us know. Remember, you can't choose your family, but you can choose a really cute little baby as your neighbor if you find a 1 bedroom apartment next door for $500 a month! (or even a little more than that for a 2 bedroom). :-)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Goldfinger and Golden Showers

Beckett's jaundice is pretty much a thing of the past. The doctor has given him a clean bill of health on that front. He's now a cute pink color instead of being a sad yellow color. He also has gained weight and is up to 7 pounds 13 ounces.

His belly button has fallen off too which means that mommy and daddy were all ready to set up the cute first bath pictures. Except that late one night when his diaper was being changed Beckett decided to pee on his own head. This precipitated his first bath, but as it was bed time mom and dad were in no position to be photographed. We'll have to fake other first bath pictures in the next week.

Okay, since you read through our entire post we'll give you some Beckett...


Beckett has taken an interest in fingers lately

Beckett is VERY excited that the Jazz have advanced to the 2nd round. He even made daddy bring out the 3 to 6 month Jazz outfit. Maybe if Andrei Kirilenko scores in double figures again daddy will bring out Beckett's Kirilenko jersey and Beckett and daddy can be Jazz jersey buddies.

And if you don't think that Jazz are going to beat Golden State then you deserve to be taunted by Beckett's basketball booty!