Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moon Summer of Fun - Water Fun

The Moon family boys had a fun summer of water events. In addition to the fun pictures here, they were able to go swimming at the cousins' neighborhood and, during the week that I was there, we took the boys to the Murray indoor pool. All four boys, including the twinners, went down a waterslide at the pool (the babies had a little help). Due to the overall wetness of that experience, we kept the cameras and phones put away. But here's a couple of other fun experiences with the water...

The Moon boys went to the Gateway! So much fun to do, including the Children's Museum and the Planetarium, but the water feature may have been their most fun activity.

Here's Aidric running out to the water.

Beckett had fun dancing in the water too.

Aidric actually didn't like getting hit with the water, so when the sprays came up he'd run like the wind to get away. Run Aidric, run!

Near the end of their stay Beckett and Ciaran had a West Jordan ward primary party. It was a water party, and the highlight of the event was a tarp slide down the park's hill. Here's Beckett on his way down...

Closely followed by Ciaran...

Right after this water party I took the boys to another water party, this one built around a water bouncy castle. Here's Beckett slipping down.

The bouncy castle party was actually a birthday party for one of Beckett and Ciaran's friends from our ward in New York. The great summer diaspora means that we can go to a birthday party in Lehi for a friend who lives 3,000 miles away.

Oh, and I thought this Rainbow Cake was pretty cool.

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