Saturday, January 21, 2012

Basketball Hall of Fame

I I find it hard to believe that it has been two months since we last posted, but alas, here we are.  So, as I promised last time, we went to the NBA Hall of Fame.  Beckett and Ciaran learned very quickly that they had some big shoes to fill.  

Dawnell was excited to see her favorite player (a/k/a the clock)

The babies had fun chilling in their stroller.  One of them is hiding out in the back.

When we got home they looked cute together.  But anyway, let's get back to the Hall of Fame.

They had Stockton jerseys there, and three Stockton basketballs.  This one was for most games with one franchise.  The other two were for the assist and steals records that he still holds.

Beckett is a huge Jazz fan.  Mostly because we tell him he is, but he's a good sport.

From Stockton to Malone...

Here's daddy standing next to the warm-up jerseys of the 1944? national champion Utah Utes.  I may or may not have broken into a rousing chorus of Utah Man at the Hall of Fame.

Michael Jordan was admitted to the Hall of Fame in 2009 (overshadowing the great Jerry Sloan and the great John Stockton), and the Hall of Fame has had a Nike-sponsored exhibit ever since.  I think it actually may have finally closed, but it hadn't yet.  Here are all of the Air Jordans.  I have one of the Air Jordan V, and I'd love to pick up a pair of the VI.   

Here's Beckett with the tallest and shortest guys to ever play in the NBA.  He's not quite Muggsy yet, but I think he's closer to Muggsy than Muggsy was to Manute.

At the end of the Hall of Fame they had various basketball hoops to shoot at.  They had some lower ones for Beckett to shoot at, and they had a peach basket for me to shoot at.  Pretty cool stuff.

We had lots of fun, and then the boys wanted to go home.  So that was the end of our vacation.