Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Old Friends and Old Lady Hair

Our friends Erin and Greg came to New York last weekend. They were some of our best friends in New York. I can even prove it. Here they are accompanying us to the Pickle Festival in October 2005.

Obviously they are lots of fun. We were so happy to go visit them. Also they have a cute baby boy Carson who's about a month older than Beckett and we wanted them to be friends. So it was quite a momentous evening. They had a great time playing at the hotel stealing remotes and toy telephones. Once again it was a battle of heft against agility. And once again, I think we have a draw.

Carson loves bread and it's really cute to see him wrinkle up his nose and make his talking noises to get some. I think he ate a whole loaf while we were there. We tried to share with Beckett but bread seems to be a food that shockingly Beckett does not like.

We also found time for a photo shoot. Erin takes beautiful pictures and I begged her to take some of Beckett. She put a couple on her blog and I'm stealing them and putting them here.

And here's our little stroller baby bundled up for the ride back to Jersey.

As you can see from the above picture Erin is beautiful and stylish. (I'm sure that pickle was in Vogue.) Therefore I wanted to impress her with my cute new haircut. So I decided to pull out the big guns--hot rollers. And as those of you with short hair cringe and can guess what's coming, keep in mind that even though it's been a few weeks since I cut my hair sometimes I still think in terms of long hair. Hot rollers were ooh la la two months ago. So I began getting ready for the night while talking to my sister on the phone. I excitedly started unrolling only to discover I have given myself OLD LADY HAIR!!!

As I screamed and assured my sister nothing was wrong with Beckett she encouraged me to take a picture so she could later laugh at my weird hair. Never one to shrink from public humiliation I complied. And here you go.

I ended up with a wet head and a headband. Disappointing.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Squash with Rice! Pears!

Shame on Dawnell and I for not sharing the joy of Beckett for a couple of weeks. Our only excuse is that I've been sick for about two weeks, Dawnell's sick of taking care of me and now she has gotten sick, and Beckett laughs at us, amused that we talk in hoarse voices. Also, before I was sick I was working pretty late, so it was all we could do to catch up on all of the TV shows on our DVR. Ah, the exciting life of parenthood.

It's a bit late now, but for Thanksgiving we went to the house of our friends the Wilsons. The most funnest (most funnest? Oh, that's a good one Chris, take a picture of that) part of spending time with them is trying to start baby fights between Beckster and Haylie. Haylie is more agile and actually moves, but Beckett's got some heft behind his punch. He's a pretty good defensive pugilist. Nobody got hurt, and I think we'll call it a draw.

The next day Dawnell, I and Beckett celebrated the 2nd biggest November holiday: Black Friday! We were unwilling to take Beckett out to brave the rabid crowds, so we rolled out of bed late and hit Target and Staples around 8:30 a.m. Staples was all sold out of what we wanted, but we were able to get some stuff at Target.

Then we went to the Outlet Malls. There we discovered that Beckett loves riding on shoulders. Sadly, he's a bit too small to ride on daddy's shoulders for too long at once.

Mommy got lots of shoes. All on clearance! Good thing Dawnell's love of a good deal is almost as big as her love of shoes.

The highlight of the past couple weeks has definitely been the video clip below. Beckett got a case of the giggles and would not stop laughing about all of the yummy food that we were feeding him. Squash with rice! Pears! Yummy!