Sunday, September 30, 2007

Book Club Babies

Last Wednesday was my book club. We read "Money Changes Everything" a collection of essays about how money...changes...everything. Three babies showed up with their moms and they played together so cute...for a while. It's hard to have charming babies when book club starts at 7:00 and bedtime is 6:30. Still Haylie and Beckett got their second wind and were spastic cute happy babies most of the night. It's kind of funny to see them get all riled up from lack of sleep. Not funny enough to do it often, but worth the one night a month for book club.

Haylie looks a little pissed off but really she's happy to be there.

Or not 'cause now she's out of there. She scoots around so good. She shames Beckett and his inactivity. I'm hoping watching her will inspire him to explore the world of movement.

Isn't Sheldon just the cutest smiler?

Beckett seems a little surprised someone other than his mom is pointing a camera at him.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Hair

So I'm thinking about cutting all my hair off and donating it to Locks of Love. And I would love my locks not to be ripped out by Beckett. So here are some famous hair do's that I'm considering. I do love me some Law and Order so I had to put up Mariska's hair. (Yes, Mariska, 'cause we're friends and I know her and stuff and we're totally on a first name basis.)

And Victoria Beckham. I like her hair but it turns out I actually like her too. She was so funny in that show about her moving to America. Who knew she wasn't actually a completely stuck up jerk?

Just so you know I don't plan on becoming anorexic and having my neck lipoed so my larynx is visible if I get the Victoria Beckham bob.

So give me your thoughts on hairstyles 'cause I'm sick of pulling my hair back. And when even Chris is saying I need a haircut and a style, I must look pretty awful.

*************Update************ True to her word Anne found me some great pictures of Mariska's new do. Check them out:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beckett loves his family

This post is a long time in coming. Basically it's just pictures of various family members lovin' on Beckett when we were home for his blessing. I know we're missing a lot of people, but I didn't always have a camera handy, or want to pull it out when there were some tender moments.

Elizabeth and Ainsley, although in the picture from r to l it's Ainsley and Elizabeth.

I guess Beckett thinks that since Sean is the cousin closest to his age, and he's a boy he's got a chance to take him on.

Nena, Abby, and Beckett
Maggie and Beckett

Maren and an angry Beckett. She decided after about 20 seconds it wasn't very fun to hold him.

Grandpa George. Or is it Grandpa Ott? We'll have to work that out.
Aunt Sue

Cousin Brighton

Cousin Liz

Aunt Denise

Cousin Brooklyn
Great Grandma

Cousin Lindsay, who recently had a baby boy so Beckett has another guy close to his age in the family to play with.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fun Times at the Park

Sunday after a sedentary day we decided to walk to the park. Daddy got a new basketball on Saturday so he wanted to shoot around while Beckett and I cheered him on. Then some guys wanted to play a pick up game so we became superfluous. That's when I decided to have a photo shoot of Beckett in his awesome new sweater Chris bought him.

Drool bomb!

Beckett won't smile if you're looking at the camera. You have to look at him and then hope you're holding it level. This one wasn't so successful at that, his head's a little chopped off, but he looked so cute I had to put it up anyway.

p.s.-- for some reason a lot of Dawnell's pictures don't allow you to click on them to enlarge them. The three tiny pics below are there for you to embiggen, because they say that the tinyest Beckett embiggens the smallest heart. How cromulent.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Solids

Today we decided to give Beckett his first "solids". Although the directions had me make it so runny I just put the rest of it in a bottle with a big slit and he drank it up. He didn't each much from the spoon, but he didn't scream or try to push it away so I suppose we have to call it a success. We waited until the weekend so Daddy could take part and he did a great job of pouring the food in so Beckett could dribble it down his chin and realize that the spoon was much more interesting than what was on it.

What ya got there Dad?

I'm supposed to do what?

It doesn't stay in the mouth too well.

But it does stay on the nose nicely.

Give me that!

I'll do it myself.

You've got a little something right over there....

I'm done.

Overall rice cereal gets a thumbs up.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beckett and toys

After Beckett's immunizations I had to buy him a toy again. Mostly because I knew that Daddy wanted to play with Beckett with this toy a lot. It's an easily grabbed and caught ball.

Snorkie attack!!

Snorkie is the dolphin that Chris won for me and Beckett at a street fair. Way to throw that wiffle ball Chris!

And here is his super fancy twirling saucer chair toy.

I know these are shoes, but I'm pretty sure having rocket feet counts as a toy.

Mommy got a "toy" too.