Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Newsie Beckett

Beckett is just having a fun time living life. Nothing exciting to report. He's still pretty cute though. This is Beckett and mommy all dressed up for stake conference. Thanks to our GPS system we got there on time, even though I think I took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.
The only way these pictures could be cuter is if Beckett was wearing sunglasses. As long-time readers of our blog know, I'm of the opinion that hats and sunglasses are the perfect baby accessories.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Beckett's Been Up To

Chris bought Beckett this dapper little outfit. (And it was on a super sale. What a great husband.)

Now Beckett looks a little goofy in these pictures, but I put them in because if you look closely at his mouth you can see his top teeth.

Beckett teethed FIVE teeth all at once, for a grand total of seven. The top four and a random little guy on the bottom that went from blank gum, not even a bump, to full on tooth over night. All these teeth came in within a week. I thought there were only three, then he laughed and I caught a glimpse of a fourth, and then BAM! number five on the bottom shot up.

We bought him some new sunglasses and for some reason he giggles like you're tickling him every time we try and put them on. Then he rips them off and eats them.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch on President's Day. (Yay! No work for Chris!) One good thing about Jersey is the chain restaurants have the same prices they do in the rest of the country--no stupid Manhattan mark up.

Beckett didn't really want the Olive Garden food. He tasted the breadstick but he was happier to swing it around and then play with a straw.
Beckett is obviously developing quite well what with crawling and feeding himself puffs. So he's taken to carrying his keys around to prove his new found maturity. (All the ladies assume he has his own Tonka.) Fortunately he's developed a foolproof way to make sure he doesn't lose them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A real crawl

Beckett can finally crawl like a real baby. And yes, he's all over the place and into everything and I love it 'cause he's just so cute when he follows me around like a puppy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Thank You to My Son

Thank you for allowing me to sit on the couch with you on my lap and feed you my entire container of yogurt and growl when I tried to feed myself a bite even though you'd already had breakfast.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crawling is Cool

Beckett learned how to crawl. We're putting the official start of crawling as sometime this weekend. I got some pretty good video, and some pretty bad audio. I apologize in advance for the annoying baby voice.

The Streak Ends

I know this will sound shocking, but last night......I threw up. Multiple times. I am not exaggerating when I say it has been well over a decade since I vomited. I hate it, I HATE IT so much. And yes for those of you now weondering how I got Beckett here, I managed that pregnancy without one upchuck. I don't normally broadcast that for fear that everyone I know with a child will band together and strike me down. But like Seinfeld, I met my black and white cookie in our Chinese food lunch. I will not give the name lest I slander unjustly, but I'm pretty sure it's their fault. I'm just devastated by this. Perhaps I should look on the bright side and since the floodgates have been opened explore the exciting world of bulimia....

Friday, February 8, 2008

You hate us, you really hate us!

Interesting article, the best I've seen, in today's Wall Street Journal about the huge anti-Mormon bias that smacked Mitt upside the head: click... here

Lots of interesting stuff in the article, so go read the whole thing. Here's the money quote:

The Mormon religion "was the silent factor in a lot of the decision making by evangelicals and others," says Democratic pollster Peter Hart, who conducted the poll. The Romney campaign ran into "a religious bias head wind," Mr. Hart and his Republican polling partner, Bill McInurff, wrote late last month.

Mitt is gone, Mormon Bloggers everywhere cry

Quick thoughts on the demise of the great Mormon hope:

Look, I'm not going argue the point, but I find it inexplicable that any conservative, social or economic or both, could vote for anyone other than Mitt. Well then, how did he not win the nomination?

1. The flip-flopping thing really did seem to hurt him a lot more than I would have thought. Probably because I was aware that many of his "flips" weren't really flips at all, abortion being an exception. The problem with his flip on abortion is that he couldn't really address what probably (maybe?) pushed him more towards the right, which was recognizing he should listen to the leader of...

2. The Mormons! Yep, everyone hated him because he was Mormon. This killed him in the South.

3. Mitt was disappointingly negative during his campaign.

Look, it was going to be tough for a Republican to win the election in 2008 anyway, what with the last eight years, so maybe it's best that Hillary get 4 years to mess up the country. Then Mitt can turn it around in 2012. Heck, if McCain is running at 72 and Pres. Hinckley is working at 97, Mitt could probably run every year up to 2024. So, go grab your clearance Mitt swag at his website and put it in storage next to the wheat grinder for four years.