Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dancing and Knock Knock Jokes

We had fun with the video camera today. Beckett is enamored of knock knock jokes and Ciaran is getting into them too. He kind of gets the formula of what you say, if not the actual content. But don't ask him knock knock, he has not mastered, "Who's there?"

Ciaran attempts a knock knock joke while simultaneously attempting to dive into the camera and watch himself telling the joke.

Beckett enthusiastically tells a joke. I'll spare you the video where he tells a joke with half masticated bagel in his mouth that falls out which he proceeds to pick up and eat.

And here are the boys dancing. Unfortunately I missed Ciaran's shakey leg dance at the height of its glory but he rocks it a little bit.

Friday, February 18, 2011

24 Weeks

I had another ultrasound yesterday to check how the babies are growing. They are doing great. They are right on target and heads, bellies, legs and arms are all the sizes they should be. I got cleared to wait another 4 weeks for the next ultrasound. At that point I'll be 28 weeks along and that's generally when one twin starts to outstrip the other in size. Then I'll probably be going in every 2-3 weeks to monitor them. Baby A is 1lb 7 oz and Baby B is 1lb 5oz. I have as much baby in me now as I did when Ciaran was born! This is kind of a meaningless size difference and doesn't count as one baby getting larger than the other. Right now they're hanging out bunk bed style which explains why my right ribs have been taking a beating from top bunker Baby B. It also reveals why at 23 weeks I measured the size of someone 31 weeks pregnant. They are stretching up, up, up which happens to be the way they measure things instead of chilling next to each other and stretching around. Oh, and they are both still boys.

Baby A was a little shy and kept turning away from the camera so we only managed one picture of him.
Baby B was showing off and cutely taking little drinks of fluid opening and closing his mouth so he got a lot of picture time.

We tried to get a picture of them together but due to their positioning it's really just a picture of circles since we're looking at the tops of their heads.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Just to mess with you guys this time, here is Baby Boy B first and Baby Boy A 2nd. As you can see from the top right corner, these were actually taken on January 20th, which unbelievably is 4 weeks ago now. Dawnell was 20 weeks along at this appointment and BBB measured at 2o weeks 2 days, narrowly beating out BBA's 20 weeks, 1 day. Both babies looked normal and healthy. Since this appointment Dawnell had an appointment with her doctors and both heartbeats sounded great, so onwards and upwards.

We walked into the bedroom the other day to check on the boys to see that Boodle had practically disrobed himself. Always a hilarious phase.

Also a hilarious phase? The cool Mr. Potato Head Lips phase
Which just doesn't grow old!

And in what we consider to be some great news, Ciaran is finally starting to walk pretty regularly. Here he is wobbling after me. We've got another great video of Beckett singing, but it's 106 mb, so I've got to figure out how to edit a video by chopping part of it up.