Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baby #2 Blessing

Ciaran Gio Moon had his baby blessing on November 1, 2009. Here's some adorable pictures of him in the same adorable outfit that his brother was blessed in two years earlier.

He does this smiling thing all the time now. Too cute!

Here's the proud mother with her first dude, all dressed up for the blessing. If you look above them you'll see a poster of Beckett's blessing in the right hand corner.

Here's the proud big brother, hamming it up

I'm almost positive that we had several pictures taken that weren't on our camera. I'm not sure what happened, but my best evidence of non-existent photos is that this (not so great) picture that my mom took with her camera has us looking off to the side because we were looking at our camera.


Proud grandpa

Proud grandma's knee

Cool dudes

If you want to compare Beckett's pictures to see just how adorable he was when he was blessed then click HERE. You will either be happy or disappointed to hear that we did not subject Ciaran to the same lame looking hat that Beckett was forced to wear.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween 2k9

Happy Belated Halloween Everyone! Dawnell was away for a couple of weeks, and then my parents came in from out of town, but we're looking forward to sharing more bloggable cuteness in the weeks ahead now that we'll have more time to take pictures.

Speaking of cuteness, here is Beckett with his best friend Anna, a.k.a. Hansel and Gretel.

Beckett with Hannah (R) and Anna (L). It's a constant source of confusion for him. Oops, reverse that. See, very confusing.

Here Hansel and Gretel traipse down a path holding hands. This was at the Norwalk Aquarium. Good times were had by all who could go. We visited the Aquarium last year to see their Pumpkins. We blogged about it, I'm not going to post the link, but it was cool, so go look at those pumpkin pics after you are done with these.

Later that evening (day before Halloween) I was able to meet up with Hansel and the gingerbread man Ciaran for a trunk or treat at our church.

Gretel's mom made a gingerbread house. Spectacular idea.

This is actually after they went trick or treating the next night, but it fits in with the dark lighting of the last two, and the other Halloween night pics didn't turn out great, again, because it was dark.

Halloween day we went to some farm in Stamford, CT. Here is lovely fall foliage. Dawnell and Ciaran are in the bottom right corner of one of these pics.

Beckett and Anna, just hanging out on the porch swing.


Fun maze they got to run through

You may think that this is also part of the farm trip, but it is not. This is from the trip to Utah. Not a lot of pics from that trip, but Dawnell did take Beckett to a pumpkin patch.

He also got to go to the Dino museum with Carson. These guys would have been best friends for a couple of years if their parents had had kids during the first year of law school, but now they only get to meet up in Utah when their mothers abandon their fathers to go visit family.

And Ciaran liked to hang out at gramp's house while in Utah.

Coming next, Ciaran's baby blessing!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And bringing back an even fatter one

One thing about Ciaran has finally hit the charts for a regular five month old....drum roll please....his big head. I wasn't really surprised. Have you seen my husband and Beckett? His head is now in the fifth percentile for five month olds. Not bad since he's essentially a 3 month old.

He is creeping closer to the charts with his weight, 12lb 7 oz.

His height is also gaining, but is lagging furthest behind at 22 1/2 inches.

This is pretty normal growth. The brain takes the lion's share, then the body and organs want a nice layer of fat and then finally the poor limbs get the dregs to try and make you taller. He keeps gaining in all areas which is great so one day he'll be right where he should be.