Friday, February 27, 2009

The Age of Aquariums...

...Is apparently 22 months. For his 22 month birthday party Beckett took his friends out to the Norwalk Aquarium. You may recall that Beckett had already visited this aquarium in October for their awesome pumpkin exhibit. And if you don't remember that, then take a few minutes and take a look. It's pretty cool. (

Here are the cute little kids, from left to right Anna, Beckett, and Hannah. Poor Beckett, he's never going to figure out that his two friends have different names.

Beckett and Hannah cannot believe that this turtle is so huge. Holy cow, I've never seen a turtle that big, and I'm even older than 24 months.

Here are the three friends in front of an otter. Hannah must have felt deprived to not be on a leash buddy like dudeski and Anna. Or liberated.

Cool little aquarium at the aquarium.

Here's dude climbing through the mouth of a hippo. Hmm, can't say I thought I'd ever write that sentence. .

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love of Money = Root of all Evil

Beckett is visiting the aquarium today, so hopefully we'll have some fun pictures up in the next day or two. But I wanted to comment on one obscene aspect of the bailout.

The full article with links is available here

NY AG Andrew Cuomo is seeking to force John Thain, former CEO of Merrill Lynch, to release the names of the Merrill executives who shared over $3.6 billion in bonuses before the merger with Bank of America. Thain is refusing, and said this about the bonuses:

"Bonuses were determined based upon the performance and the retention of people, and there is nothing that happened in the world or the economy that would make you say that those were not the right thing to do for the retention and the reward of the people who were performing," Thain said, according to the transcript.

Mr. Cuomo's office recently released information that suggests that Merrill Lynch may have moved up the bonuses in order to pass the cost on to tax payers, and claims that the bonuses were not spread evenly throughout the organization — but were structured in such a way as to enrich the top Merrill executives. Cuomo says that the top four bonus recipients received a combined $121 million, and that 696 individuals received bonuses of $1 million or more.


So here are my quick thoughts:

1. John Thain is pure evil and Cuomo should keep trying to figure out how to throw him in jail.

2. It has been really tough to see the financial crisis hit New York, in large part because so many of our friends are in the financial industry and have been hit with layoffs. And I'm certain that most of these individuals are hard workers who played no part in the policies that have devastated the economy.

3. BUT, if you are ever in a position where your yearly bonus is a cool 30 million while Rome burns, then I assume you are in a position where you should have, at the least, had oversight over the whole company. If it falls then you get nothing. And hey, how about you not give 30 million to those guys and instead you keep 300 guys employed at $100,000 per year and fire the guy who allegedly needs to be "retained and rewarded" for losing billions.

4. Again, anyone who had any role whatsoever in the loss of all of this money should not collect any bonuses and there is no need to retain anyone. Easy sports analogy: If I lose every game I play, nobody gets rewarded, and nobody is good enough that they need to be given a bonus to be retained. Just ask the Detroit Lions. Their core is so awful that, assuming they could get back 3 or 4 quality players and/or picks, I would assume not even Calvin Johnson is untouchable.

5. Finally, although I feel for those departments that actually made money this year, if your company would no longer exist without the largesse of the federal government then nobody gets bonuses, duh.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, Beckett and Dawnell are in Utah, so now I'm the one jonesing for a Beckett fix. So here we go. I finally figured out how to transfer my videos off of my IPhone (yes, my Iphone works as a video camera -- unlocked, jailbroken, and cycorder). Anyway, enough about my IPhone, here is Beckett the baller. Go Becks Go!