Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the answer is....

Defying mathematical odds we somehow managed to get ourselves two more boys. As soon as they said, "Baby A is a boy." I knew that they were both going to be. I thought that A was a girl and B was a boy. That is precisely what Beckett thought even though I never told him my theory. He was very upset. When we told him he said, "No! I want to change. I want one boy and one girl." Every time we tell someone else he gets mad and tell us that he wants a boy AND a girl. Sorry dude. You and Daddy both are pretty broken up.

Now we get the fun question of are they identical or fraternal. Given their womb set up the doctor told us there's about a 25% chance that they're identical.

They are both growing well and measuring appropriately for their age of 20 weeks and 1 day as of the test day. They measured one day apart, one baby was a whopping 20 weeks and TWO days. However, at this point that is a pretty meaningless distinction since an unconscious muscle twitch while doing the ultrasound measurements will give you a days difference of growth. Evidently they stay about the same size until around 28 weeks and then generally one twin starts getting larger. (Unless you're some freaky symmetrical growth twins. You know who you are.) We are periodically seeing the perinatologist that followed Ciaran's growth since he knows the whole story. He was very pleased with the size and set up of the babies and all their test results and said he didn't need to see me again for a month. Great! I may start going every two weeks once we hit that 28 week mark, but the doctor is happy, as are we, with how everyone is growing and progressing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What kind of babies will we get?

We're going to find out soon (provided they cooperate), the genders of the twins. Please vote in our poll. I know my guess and Beckett has his, but I don't want to tell you lest we prejudice your vote.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It seems that thanks to the wonders of Facebook no one else will comment on our Black Friday post so we might as well move on. We had a big blizzard come through last Sunday which left us with many inches of snow. This year instead of attempting to slide down the hill at the end of our street on the lid to our outdoor storage box, we ponied up the $5.99 at Target for a saucer.

Best. $5.99. We. Ever. Spent.
(You know, as an amount unto itself. Not as like part of say paying to feed our children or paying for tuition or a medical bill or something.)

Both of our children turned out to be sledding freaks. I should have known Ciaran would love it since he is a slide fanatic and sledding is basically just a faster, longer, colder slide. So now the world can have proof that our poor parenting skills didn't end with feeding Beckett a pop rock. We also allowed our 18 month old to hurl down a "mountain" (made out of a molehill).

Here's a video of Beckett and Daddy sledding. You can hear Ciaran screaming in the background. That is because he was enraged whenever he had to stop sledding and let Beckett have a turn.

And here is Ciaran sledding. You can see, as he speeds by, the joy on his face.

And here the kids are playing in the snow a day or two after it fell. This picture reminds me of the kid from A Christmas Story.

You know, Ralphie's unimportant brother. Not that Ciaran is the unimportant brother, just that he was so bundled like that child that the snow angel was about all he could manage.

Evidently there is not much else as fun as kicking snow. Except perhaps sledding.