Friday, May 24, 2013


The twins have been pretty cute the last couple of weeks. Here they are dressed up for church. I thought these outfits were a good match. That's Aidric in blue and Lachlan in green.

Who wants to grab the phone instead of eating lunch? Meeeeeeeee says Lachie.

Meeeeeeeee says Dric.

I love the mischievous looks on their faces in this picture. I'm sure Lachlan is about ten seconds away from throwing something on the floor.

Lachlan and I agree that Dric is hilarious.

We went out as a family. Lachlan enjoyed the Bob the Builder truck at Toys r Us.

Hey, that looks fun! Let me try it.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Lego Beckett Birthday

Last Saturday Beckett had his sixth birthday party. Dawnell did a great job of making it the perfect lego party.

Here's the big cake that Dawnell made.  Pretty cool Lego Dude Head.

Here's the top of the Lego head after we started cutting it up.  The birthday boy got to eat the top part.

Dawnell also made themed food for the party.  Here are lego dude and lego piece jello jigglers.

More jigglers, some apple legos, and cheese crackers shaped to look like legos.

We also made Lego Juice, which is just like apple juice, except it has paper on it.

Dawnell also made a cool banner for Beckett that we hung up...

In case you couldn't tell, this is the picture that is at the top.  It's a Lego Beckett.  And yes, there's an app for turning your son's head into a lego mosiac.  

Here's the only pictures that I have of the actual birthday boy.  Dawnell actually took quite a few of Beckett and Ciaran before the party started, but she hasn't emailed them to me yet, so for now they are stuck on her camera.  We didn't get any pictures of the twins because toddlers and legos are a bad combination, so we made sure the party happened during their nap time.

One of the activities at the party was making your own Lego (fake lego) car and then racing them down a table.  It was super lots of fun even if the cars ended up exploding a lot.