Friday, May 24, 2013


The twins have been pretty cute the last couple of weeks. Here they are dressed up for church. I thought these outfits were a good match. That's Aidric in blue and Lachlan in green.

Who wants to grab the phone instead of eating lunch? Meeeeeeeee says Lachie.

Meeeeeeeee says Dric.

I love the mischievous looks on their faces in this picture. I'm sure Lachlan is about ten seconds away from throwing something on the floor.

Lachlan and I agree that Dric is hilarious.

We went out as a family. Lachlan enjoyed the Bob the Builder truck at Toys r Us.

Hey, that looks fun! Let me try it.

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  1. Oh! Those church outfits are to die for!! Can't wait to see you guys....

  2. Twinner love....I can't believe they are almost two How did that happen?

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