Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our new addition

I have been wanting a spinning wheel for years--literally over a decade. I first wanted one when I learned to weave and then like a gateway drug learned to spin. But then I was a poor college student and couldn't afford a wheel. Fast forward years and I learn to knit and that leads me back to my spinning love. But now I'm paying off being a poor college student and have 4 children. So I saved bits and bobs of cash here and there hoping one day I'd find something great. And Friday morning thanks to a nice man on Craigslist who realized he should just stick to knitting, a 2010 Ashford Traditional walked through my door for a very affordable price. It also came with a ton of wonderful wool to spin. My boys think I bought them a pirate wheel to drive so I'm going to have to lock it away from their grubby little fingers. But I probably will try and teach them to spin a little. Beckett keep treadling and telling me, "Mom, I'm making yarn!" I need to oil it and adjust the drive band that you can see hanging off, but I took these pictures as soon as it arrived. I'm in love!!!

He had already spun a little and left this on the bobbin since there is more of this wool to spin.

All the great fiber and a niddy noddy for making skeins.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Months

The twins turn 3 months old tomorrow, which is super exciting. We'd share with you all the pictures of our exciting adventures, but we have 4 kids 4 and under, so we're pretty much stuck at home most of the day. Dawnell tells me that she did get to the opening of a JoAnn's near us on Friday. Yea Dawnell!

Last week there was a huge fight between the twins. As you can see, they both thought that they were the #1 baby. Turns out they were both right, and it was a TIE! I couldn't figure out which picture I liked the best out of these three, so here they all are...

Ciaran and Beckett got a haircut today. For Beckett, not such a huge event, but for Ciaran it was the official transition from baby hair to toddler hair. Here are some really cute pics that I took at the park the other day of Ciaran in his swing. Let's call these the "before" pictures.

And here are the after pictures. Still so cute, but the curls are gone for now.

Dawnell's editorial insert--And this is why you should never send your child to a barber with your husband alone if you only want a trim on his curls so he doesn't look like a girl. The plan was not to shear him entirely. And they didn't even save a curl for me. I actually cried when he walked in the door. Devastating.

Here's one of Beckett. No before picture necessary.

Drickity and Lockers did not get a haircut today. But they are still cute. Here are a couple of pics. Picture #1 is Aidric and Picture #2 is Lachlan.

Hopefully we'll have some fun labor day adventures to share with everyone.