Thursday, May 26, 2011

Officially 38 weeks

I've made it to my goal. I wanted to officially be 38 weeks when I had these twinners. I was 38 weeks as of yesterday so you can imagine my disappointment when I didn't spontaneously go into labor at 12:01am Wednesday morning. Oh well. I had a doctor's appointment today and he is not expecting me to make it to our next appointment on Wednesday. He's not really expecting me to make it past the weekend. Although I will beat the naysayer perinatologist and make it to the ultrasound with him tomorrow. Oh, he didn't expect me to make it and said, "Don't make an appointment, just call me if you make it to 38 weeks and I'll fit you in." I said, "I'm making the appointment today and I'll see you then." And I will. I don't care if I am in labor I am showing up at that appointment and saying hello tomorrow.

So cast your guess into the ring, you can't do worse that the prognostications I've already heard. When do you think these babies will be born??

Monday, May 23, 2011

37 weeks and 5 days

Dawnell says that I can't claim that we are 38 weeks in yet, but we will be on Wednesday. Baby A and Baby B continue to progress nicely. We're pleased that both babies are pointing head down, at least as of this afternoon.

For those of you who have been asking, here are some pictures of Dawnell, also as of today.

And, for those of you who come for dude pictures, here is one of Ciaran and one of Ciaran and Beckett together. Hopefully it isn't too obvious that Ciaran continued smiling because we shoved fruit snacks into his cheeks.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

36 weeks

Today I had another super fancy ultrasound. The babies have finally decided to have a little bit of discordance in their growth. However, it's only a 6% difference so no one is terribly worried about it. Baby A has an estimated weight of 5lb 9oz which is in the 32 percentile for a singleton baby. Baby B has an estimated weight of 5lb 14oz (gaining a full, exact, 2 pounds in 4 weeks) and is in the 48 percentile for singleton babies. This is very good for twins, in fact we're almost average for a singleton. Additionally at this appointment I brought along Beckett and Ciaran to take a look at the babies. Grandma came along too so that there was not quite as much chaos. Beckett was such a good boy. He really paid attention and kept asking which baby was which and what body part we were looking at. The perinatologist was happy to see Ciaran again and was amazed at his growth and progress. He kept saying, "I can't believe that's the same little guy."

With so much baby going on some people have asked what I am looking like these days. Here are some pictures from around 30 weeks pregnant. Sadly, I am so much bigger now. A friend of ours is starting a photography business and took some lovely pictures of our family. That's where Beckett's awesome Zoolander picture came from.

Beckett lovin' on his babies.

And my personal favorite.