Monday, September 28, 2009


Ciaran is going to have a complex. 3.5 months in and we probably have 2% as many pictures of him as we did of Beckett. Some of that is living half his life in a hospital, some of that is daddy at work all day, some of that is apparently Dawnell not taking the camera with her everywhere she goes, and some of that is Beckett making it a little tougher to concentrate on dude2 for more than five seconds.

But at least until he becomes a teenager he can be a smiling little Ciar dude.

And for those of you looking for a Beckett fix, here he is with best friend Anna at the indoor playground at the Stamford Mall. Yea, they're hanging out on genetically mutated corn. Beckett's the one on the left, not the one in the middle.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Month Check-up

Ciaran is doing great. He's still below the charts for his age, but he made a nice gain in the past month. As you can see above he's now 9 pounds 2.5 ounces and he's 20 1/2 inches long.

Monday, September 7, 2009

On the Farm

What better way to honor Labor Day than to visit a farm, the workplace of so many of our ancestors. We visited Muscoot Farm in Somers, NY, and you can take a virtual field trip at, because you aren't going to get a lot of animal pictures here, just a lot of Beckett. Besides, we were only there for a couple of hours, not an entire weekend.

But before you join us on our 2009 Labor Day adventure, take a look back at my favorite posts on this blog, Dawnell's EPIC two part trip report of Labor Day 2007 when we took a 4 month old Beckett on a trip to Lancaster County to learn about the Amish:

Labor Day 2007 Part 1

Labor Day 2007 Part 2

Anyway though, back to Westchester County. We visited Muscoot Farm with Beckett's friend Hannah. Here Beckett appears to be tipping his hat to her in greeting. We'll pretend this is how we greeted them upon arrival...

Certainly the highlight of Beckett's day was feeding the donkey.

Probably because the rest of the animals were a bit wooden. Okay, not really, but without a lot of supervision they didn't let the kids touch the animals. Lots of other cool animals though, including cows, sheep, weird looking chickens, and pygmy goats. Here's Beckett getting his udder on.

Oh, Beckett is 8 hands high. Not every day you get to measure your son's height by "hand."

Beckett looking ridiculously adorable on a tractor

Dawnell likes this picture. She thinks Beckett is adorably leaning on me. My recollection is that he was pushing away from me, but the camera says "adorable lean," so adorable lean it is.

While at the farm Ciaran chilled in the bottom of the stroller, so we didn't get any pictures of him looking adorable at the farm. But he did wear a tie and suspenders outfit to church yesterday. Dawnell did a great applique on a onesie. I think it turned out great:

Pretty adorable face:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fire Station and General Cuteness

Our friend Ryan is a volunteer fire fighter in Mamaroneck. This Saturday he let us go to the fire station and look at the truck. It was pretty cool.

You can just make out a tiny Beckett behind the wheel of a giant truck.

Meanwhile tiny brother just hung out in his stroller/bedroom.

And here is Beckett at the end of a long day hugging his favorite friend, Diego. He was snuggling him even closer but he rolled over before I could snap the picture.

And here's just a general picture of Ciaran who keeps getting bigger.