Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Black Friday Christmas Gifts

Okay, granted, we haven't been the most active bloggers lately, but I was distressed to see that we haven't had a post reach double figure comments in a while. So let's see if we can change that.

Dawnell's favorite holiday isn't Christmas, or her birthday, or the Fourth of July. Rather, given her love of a good sale, sometimes it seems as though Dawnell's favorite holiday is the day after Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Black Friday. And so it was that we packed up Beckett and Ciaran to go out on Black Friday to see what kinds of deals we could find...

Check out the awesome "buy one get one free" deal we got!

Say hello to Baby A. We knew we were getting this one on Black Friday.

But we were unaware that they were having a sale. Buy Baby A, get Baby B for free!

And here they are gift wrapped together. Estimated date to unwrap these gifts? June 8, 2011.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2nd dude, 1st haircut

Ciaran got his first haircut! After 18 months of crazy fine wombhair he finally is going to start growing some locks of love.

Here he is getting prepared... He doesn't quite know why he has been forced to wear a cape.

Baby mullet eradicated!

Oh no! Not the baby mullet!

Baby wombhair afro!

Beckett also got a haircut, and here's my awesome idea to take pictures of their cuteness right next to vertical blinds. Spectacular lighting results!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Belated Pumpkins

With Dawnell and the kids in Utah for a couple of weeks, I'm looking back at our cute pics for the past couple of months. And lucky for all of you I'll share.

Dawnell and the kids went pumpkin picking. This gives us the chance to organically place them around pumpkins once again for photo opportunities. Ah fall. Considering it is freezing today I already miss you.

Ciaran looking into the distance...

Okay, this picture is just ridiculous, but I put it here to point out that it's the best of the five from D's attempts to get one of Beckett and Ciaran sitting together. Beckett's scrunched-up "cheese" face and Ciaran looking away. The folks at Kiddie Kandids have tougher jobs than you'd think...

As usual, Beckett was accompanied by Anna. And I'll be darned if this isn't the cutest picture I've ever seen...

We went to the Hudson Valley "Blaze"

As the website says, it is a jack o'lantern event with over 4,000 hand-carved illuminated pumpkins.

We all had an enjoyable time, but I think I enjoyed the Norwalk Aquarium's pumpkin event quite a bit more. A bit more whimsy, and the Hudson Valley event had us quite a ways away from most of the pumpkins. For us the events are about the same distance too, so we'll probably try the Norwalk one again before we try this one again. It was fun, but not as fun as the other one.