Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Back!

Oops. This was supposed to go on my knitting blog but I obviously selected the wrong one on the blogger sign in page. Oh well.

After a long and lovely trip to Utah to visit the fam I am back in New York and attempting to get life back together. While I was in Utah I did lots of knitting and almost completely finished a project from Wacky Baby Knits. I now need to find 17 buttons to finish it off. Surprisingly, that is taking a long time. It would probably help if I took the outfit with me when I was looking for buttons.

One good reason to be back is that I was in time to catch the going out of business sale of the local yarn/quilt store. I managed to score this haul for $18! Those two sets of dpn's would cost more than that.

While in Utah I also ran into Joann's clearance for the yarns that were being discontinued. Thank goodness my husband packed light and brought a big suitcase. I just barely managed to get it all home.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It seems as though all of our vacations are trips to visit the family back in Utah. Not sure how many of these we'll be able to afford once we need to buy 4 plane tickets, but for now it's a fun trip every year or so. And even though Dawnell was back there for a month, we still didn't end up with any pictures from the Utah Shakespearean Festival, or our one night in Vegas without the kids, or of our visit to Carson, Beckett's best friend in utero.

This is Cedar Breaks National Monument. Here is Dawnell and Ciaran. They are cute in front of gorgeous and scary scenery.

Beckett at "Point Supreme." What a stud.


Beckett went to the zoo. Here he is sitting on top of a vanquished Cougar, because that is what all Utes do these days, lord over the top of their vanquished Cougar foes. Good times.

Beckett also enjoyed fishing. Don't worry, we'll work on curing him of this defect.

Here's Beckster in front of something at the zoo.

While we were in Utah we had family photos with all of Dawnell's family. Dawnell has 5 older sisters who combined have a total of 19 kids (our two are numbers 17 and 19 on the list). We had professional photographs taken since all of the sisters were in town and all of the cousins (except for the cousin who lives out of state and is already married) were also there. We decided to dress with our part of the larger family in a theme. Here are me and my two boys in our Jazz jerseys. Dawnell, who took this picture, did not wear a Jazz jersey, but her green shirt matched mine nicely. And now all of our jerseys are retro jerseys since the Jazz introduced new uniforms yesterday. We're hipster cool like that.

We tried to have happy family love time by going to visit Temple Square. After three minutes of Beckett screaming bloody murder we changed plans and visited the closer Jordan River Temple. We took some family pictures there, but trust me when I say none of them turned out that great.

Here's the best of the bunch, just Beckett.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home Trigonomics

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