Friday, October 11, 2013

Fancy Kid Pictures - Moon Summer of Fun!

Over the summer we finally took the boys to get some professional pictures.  I was skeptical of how the boys would do, but the pictures turned out spectacular.  Huge props to the people at the Fotofly Studio in Draper, Utah ( who magically got all four of my dudes to smile at the same time.  Reasonable prices and they worked miracles.  Well done Utah!

This is my favorite picture.  I know this sounds a bit crazy, but it's almost like the different personalities of all four shines through their smiles in this particular photo.  And yes, that does mean Aidric is a little mischievous dude. 

I think this was my mom's favorite.

This is Aidric in the white.

And Lachlan in the green.  Or as he's known around our house thanks to his twin, here's Gaga.

Here's my big 1st grade man.

This is Dawnell's favorite picture.

It can be tough to get pictures of Ciaran with his eyes open, so I was pleasantly surprised at this one.

Twin love is the best!