Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ode to me

I have been in a knitting fervor recently and I'm proud of my efforts. I made this jacket for Ciaran. Unfortunately I didn't really check the yarn I was using against the yarn recommended in the pattern. This means I actually just made Beckett a jacket.

I love the bear claw buttons.

Also I belong to a website called Ravelry. It's pretty big in the crafting world. It has over a hundred thousand patterns on it. You can post your work and link it to patterns from books, etc that they have in their database. Well I got a new book and noticed that the book wasn't in their database. The book was a 2010 publication so I guess people hadn't gotten around to making any of the patterns yet. So I hurried and made one of the patterns super fast and submitted it to Ravelry. Now they have that book linked because of me and they asked to use the picture of my item for the page on their site. So anytime someone looks up that pattern my creation will pop up. So cool! I know it may not sound that cool, but I was really proud of myself. Thank you Cheepy Chick.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Captain Danger Pants

I called Beckett Captain Danger Pants one day when he was jumping on my bed and attempting to fall off and break his leg. Evidently he loved the name because he's referenced it to me several times since, although when he says it it sounds like Captain Ginger Pants. Luckily a good friend of mine gave us a super hero book and we could outfit the Captain appropriately.

Watch out for that hynotic gaze, evil doers.

Swoop action.

After he swooped about for a while he told me that he needed a cave. What super hero doesn't need a lair to hide in? So we set one up.
And FYI, in our crime fighting family Ciaran is Captain Space or Captain Space Baby. I am Ladybug Superhero or Captain Green ("Like me mom!" because his mask is green.) And Daddy is....Dad! Very creative.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We celebrated Easter by stealing ideas from other people. I decided to do our Easter baskets on Saturday like my sister does. That way Sunday is about Jesus and Saturday is about all the secular holiday stuff. Then I stole the idea of hiding the baskets from my friend. (Although I think she may hide her kids presents from Santa.) At any rate I did a little hunt for Beckett to find his basket and he loved it.

Ciaran enjoyed watching the hunt.

And here is the loot!

Yummy candy that Beckett insisted on licking instead of biting.

Mmmm, new vibrating rattle for the teething baby.

The festivities continued after the baskets were located. The Michael's store in our area was offering a free activity where you could decorate a basket. We went up there and Beckett made his own basket which is handily a bucket and shovel so we can get beach use out of it as well.

This is the pose he gave me when I asked him to smile.

Then at the conference break we got to go to Anna's house for an Easter egg hunt. Each child had their own color and it really stopped the chaos. Beckett and his friends were very good about sticking to their assigned color and leaving the other eggs alone. Beckett was yellow.

Ciaran likes watermelon so he finally got an Easter treat.

It was a wonderful Easter holiday.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


After a long hot afternoon at the park Beckett and I decided it was time for a popsicle break at home. Ciaran decided he want to have a try as well and Beckett very kindly shared.
He liked it as you can see from the red chin of stolen mommy popsicle bites.
Be not afraid, Ciaran is not crying because Beckett was shoving the popsicle down his throat or because he hated it. He was crying because we weren't feeding him bites fast enough.

He finally calmed down when I bit off little pieces and put them in his mouth.

Then Beckett said, "Brother is dirty." and ran to his room to get a wipe. He rather adorably wiped off Ciaran's popsicle face.

They're such little loves.

Monday, April 5, 2010

March truly has gone mad

I won the March Madness tournament at Chris' office. Ya, that's right, this is me, Dawnell, typing. My hastily thrown together, non researched, random guess, not even based on mascots or uniforms, etc bracket won the pool. That means I just won $125. SWEET!!!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. This is my winning bracket. It's pretty hard to see, but you can read Duke at the top. 'nuff said.

In further craziness Beckett won the bracket that my brother-in-law ran. He gave a bonus for upsets in the first round and Beckett picked some crazy upsets. And he truly did pick them. I just read him the names of the schools in the game and he picked the winner. Hence San Go Diego Go and his love of B for Beckett Baylor and Butler. Those first round points made him impossible to catch. Who knew that B for Beckett Butler would end up playing for the national championship? To be fair Beckett did have them losing in the final four to San Go Diego Go, but still, some impressive work. I came in second in that tournament.

************I must update. It turns out that with Duke winning I actually managed to beat Beckett at the other bracket. I won it as well and Beckett took second. Still an amazing run for both of us. It does not dimish the craziness for this tournament.**************

What do The Moons drink?

Beckett received this new Thomas oil car in his Easter basket.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture but it has liquid inside that sloshes around so it looks like a real oil car.

He was playing in the corner last night and Chris and I noticed what he was saying in the midst of all his kid chatter, "It's Diet Coke. I'm the Diet Coke guy." We were confused until we realized that he was playing with the oil car. I guess in his Thomas world it's the Diet Coke car. Who wants to drink oil? Of course, who wants to drink Diet Coke? We are a Coke Zero family. Oh well, it's hilarious nonetheless.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

This was not posed. I was in the kitchen cooking and walked into the living room to see the below vignette. Luckily the camera was out because we were documenting our morning of Easter festivities. I think this candid shot may be better than all the Easter pictures combined.