Friday, October 31, 2008


A friend I've made in the neighborhood (the lady who helped me when I was locked out) stopped by and asked if Beckett and I wanted to come trick or treating with them. We decided to go and had a lovely time for a half an hour. Beckett didn't care about candy, but he enjoyed running up and down the sidewalk with a pal. Then we stopped in at our landlord's house where he got a special bag with fruit snacks and some pasta for dinner.

Here is the trick or treater waiting for our friend to come pick us up.

When oh when will they get here?

Let's go!

Trick or treat.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Candy Corny

Pre-game show: I thought this cute outfit showed off Beckett's eyes. None of the pictures turned out awesome, but this is pretty good.

Dawnell made this adorable hat for Beckett. The hat pictures didn't turn out great either. Beckett needs to do a better job of staying put for a minute or two. Or even a second or two.

And the main event: Beckett as candy corn.

Dude was not super pleased with his costume when we first put it on.

Beckett glares down at his conquered foe...

This is my favorite picture. Too cute!

Hey look, Beckett smiling in a picture at the same time as daddy! Awesome! Hey! Mommy is smiling too! Wow, daddy sucks at framing his pictures.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The After Pictures

Dawnell was so traumatized by getting locked out that she put down the camera for a day or two, so these took awhile to post. No, she's fine, we're all fine, and we're loving it here in Mamaroneck. However, we are still missing pictures of the outside.

Here is Beckett's room. Beckett loves to read, as you can tell. His room is even cooler now than it was when this picture was taken, but I won't tell you why, because I might try to take video of why this weekend.

Here is our main room, facing the front door.

And facing Beckett's room. This room is also much cooler now, as we have upgraded our audio-visual setup.

From the main room we head just to the right of the armoire and enter the kitchen. It's about as spacious as our apartment during my first year of law school, so we're pretty pleased. Dawnell just remarked over my shoulder that I am not joking.

For those of you who are trying to figure out what is in it for you, here are pictures of the basement, where we promise to allow hangers-on to mooch off of us. Here is the downstairs bedroom (air mattress not inflated, but included in your price of admission).
Downstairs sitting area (no seats yet, but whatever)...
And separate bathroom. Ooooo, now that's luxury. In all seriousness, I've yet to use the downstairs shower and need to test the quality. All this luxury can be yours if you grace us with your presence.

No pictures of our bedroom, because it was still a bit messy, but here's what Dawnell is excited about, a walk-in closet with plenty of room for all of her shoes. Err, make that half of her shoes.

And after our trip to DSW last week, make that 40% of her shoes.
Beckett pictures to come this weekend hopefully!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A word of advice...

If, when you are taking out the garbage you decide you should take a picture of your house to post on your blog, and if you already have your camera in your pocket because you were taking other pictures, and if you decide the porch picture will be infinitely cuter if you close the front door to show off its nice green character, and if your front door can be set to lock automatically behind you, and if, because you used to live in Jersey City instead of a nice town, you have set said door to lock automatically, and if your child is inside napping. . . make sure you have your house keys. Failing that make sure you live in a place with friendly, helpful neighbors and understanding, yet kind of short police officers who are the perfect size to climb in through your bedroom window that they somehow got open and let you in. Oh, and remember to take the stupid picture that started the whole mess. You know, if this implausible situation should ever happen to you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Go Go Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday

While I, along with the rest of you wait for some "after" pictures of the new apartment, I thought those of you who aren't Dawnell's friend on facebook would be interested to know that her birthday was on Sunday. No partying on Sunday, since we had to go to our new ward, but we had an awesome time on Saturday.

We went to Mystic Seaport for Dawnell's birthday. Mystic Seaport is a nautical version of colonial Williamsburg. Dawnell and I enjoyed it so much that we got the membership. Actually, membership costs less than going twice, and we got a free hat out of the deal, so that was nice.

Here's Beckett looking cute at the start of the day:

Beckett getting into the nautical theme with a hat and a fishing net.

We took a boat ride around the harbor. Lots of fun. Beckett is not steering in a storm during our boat ride. This is actually a mural for you to be a pretend Ahab.

This may have been a real boat, but now we use it for pictures of exasperated parents trying to keep Beckett from falling over the edge.

We loved the name of this boat. Tough to get a good picture of our little dude though, as he showed that he too was a Dancing Moon.

After our fun day at Mystic Seaport we went a couple miles up the road to Abbott's Lobster in the Rough. Those of you who know how much I love seafood know that this was definitely a decision based on Dawnell's birthday weekend. She ate a lobster about as big as this one and loved every minute!

And here's the whole family (with Pinchy) at the end of the day.

Please join me in the comments section to wish Dawnell a barely belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. See you inside...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Before Pictures

Here's some pictures of us as we were moving in. And speaking of moving in...hiring movers is the way to go! It was so nice. I stood around and told people where to go (a gift I've been honing for a long time) and occasionally I moved some suitcases out of the bedroom. Then I swept and swiffered the floor, locked the door, and walked out. Our good friend Michael came to help us move out and he probably thought it was the dumbest idea ever that we asked him to come. He ended up tending Beckett for me most of the time while I did cleaning stuff because the movers were so fast.
Here is the living room with our semi broken wardrobe (the movers did warn us that it was too big and may get hurt. We were going to smash it ourselves to get it out if they couldn't) that now reminds me of Pee Wee's Playhouse. Beckett already felt at home and wandered around without pants.

This is Beckett's room, which I felt I needed to title because I thought the crib might not be obvious enough. It's a nice light yellow color, a left over from the prior 15 month old boy resident. The carpet's a so so color, but it's carpet and soft and Beckett already loves to lay down on it.

This is the kitchen. Do you see all those cupboards? And there are more not pictured!

And finally here is your gratuitous Beckett picture as he grooves to the beat of his maracas on our living room floor.

Our landlords are so nice. They brought over water and toilet paper and even watched Beckett while the movers brought everything in. They're very conscientious and love Beckett. They said they're so happy to have a baby around again. Their kids are around 14 and 10 and nice. We've been to the park almost every day and story time at the library and at the park today we met some new friends who live up the road. Plus the toilet flushes on the first try! All in all the move just keeps getting better.

And we're back!

We just got our internet connection up and running literally about 13 minutes ago. I'll try and get some nice pictures and things, but I wanted to let you all know that we're alive and loving our new place. Beckett's had no problems being alone in his new room and Chris and I have definitely had no problem being alone in our own room.