Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

Somehow we don't have any pictures of Ciaran from Halloween festivities. He was an adorable froggie in a costume that Dawnell hand made. Luckily for all of you Dawnell chronicles her projects and she had taken some adorable pics of Ciaran after she completed the froggie costume.

Beckett decided that he wanted to be a doctor for Halloween, through no prompting by us. My understanding is that one of his friends has a doctor play set, so Beckett probably thought he could get some cool toys if he dressed up like a doctor. Alas, we have connections who have real equipment (nurse grandparents) so he got the real thing.

Here's Beckett the pediatrician checking out his Ciaran patient. Notice the look on Ciaran's face. I think he'd much rather see a real expert.

Last year Beckett and his best friend Anna dressed up Hansel and Gretel. You can go check out our blog entries for late October and early November of last year for that cuteness. This year Anna was Little Bo Peep, so no costume coordination. Still super cute together. And I think Anna thought Beckett was still her sheep.

Lots of potential posts in the cue, with adorable pumpkin-picking adventures, to our trip to the carved pumpkin festival, to Dawnell's knitting adventure...