Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hartford Children's Museum

During Chris' week in between jobs we decided that we were going to take a vacation.  Come heck or high water, we were going to spend a night away from home with all four children.  Of course, knowing that we only had 3 days away (and a limited budget) our options of where to go were somewhat limited.

For day one we decided to just start driving north, stop at the Hartford Children's Museum, and then keep heading north. We figured going to a children's museum combined Dawnell's love of museums with our practical inability to go anywhere else with four kids under the age of 5.

I must say, we all had a lot of fun at the Museum.  It's a bit older and some of the stuff could use some updating and repairs, but all in all they do a nice job.

This is a huge whale in front of the museum.  It's a pretty cool way to get introduced to the learning.

 Here's Beckett in the belly of the whale.  I should probably mention here that Beckett's favorite bible story is Jonah and the Whale, so he was pretty impressed.

When we were there at the museum I made Beckett hide under the ballet dress of this statue.  At the time I thought this was Angelina Ballerina, but I guess our lack of a daughter misled me, because google tells me that Angelina Ballerina is a mouse, and this looks to me like a ballet cow.  I guess I don't know who it is.

Here we are at the turtle room of the museum.  Beckett is under a turtle shell.  Ciaran has the better idea and is sitting on the shell.

 Here is Ciaran flying around.  The boys' favorite exhibit at the museum was the flight simulators.

We didn't go to the space show, but I made Beckett pretend to be an astronaut anyway.

Here is Beckett all dressed up to go paleontologing.

 Yea, Beckett!  Looks like you found footprints!

So, I guess most of those pics were of Beckett, but the twins were asleep and Ciaran won't stay still for more than two seconds.

Here's our best chance to get a pic of him, with Ciaran looking up at the motel TV when we stopped for the day in Springfield, Massachusetts.  

The babies also enjoyed hanging out in the motel room.

 Ahh, look at how cute they are sleeping together. Okay, this wasn't actually from our trip, it was from a couple weeks before, but it was cute.

Ah, there we go.  Ciaran panned for gold at the Children's Museum.

Tune in tomorrow for the Basketball Hall of Fame!