Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dispatches from Utah

Like half of our ward here in New York, Dawnell has escaped New York for the summer to visit family in Utah. Given that I can't take off that long, Dawnell provides me with constant updates on the cuteness that is My Four Sons.  It sounds like they are all having lots of fun. The big guys are having lots of fun taking advantage of all Utah has to offer, like cousins and Mexican food (FYI, my Mexican food cravings are satisfied by El Charrito in Greenwich, CT.  Spectacular stuff)

And rock walls...  There's Beckett above and Ciaran below....

But don't worry, Ciaran quickly got the hang of things and switched it around.  Fearless little dude, considering he's 3 years old and barely fits in the harness.  

Aidric and Lachlan were unable to go rock climbing, because they can't even walk yet, but they are getting there.  Up above is Aidric already hooping it up.  Hey, maybe one of the four will make the NBA yet (um, yea, probably not, but still cute to see them play ball).  

And then Dawnell and the babies played a rollicking game of Peek a Dric!  

So now you've seen the boys just as much as I have lately, give or take a Skype chat or two.  Hope you enjoyed!