Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reading is Fun..damental!

When I was a kid, one of my favorite authors was Matt Christopher.  In case you aren't aware, he was a prolific author of sports novels for kids.  And we're doing our best to instill in the kids a love of books.  Over the past two weeks Beckett and I read his first chapter book ever, book 1 in the Matt Christopher "Soccer 'Cats" series.  I read one page and Beckett read the next.  Not bad for a dude in kindergarten.  

Soccer Cats #1: The Captain Contest
And I'm not the only one privileged to listen to Beckett.  He came home from school today with an award.  Yea Beckett for reading to the principal!  

Up next, book 2 in the Soccer 'Cats series!


  1. Cool!!! I"m so going to get some of those for my nephew!!!

    Mary P.

  2. Proud of both dad and Beckett! Keep up the good work!